Masonry Repairs

Wear and tear, brickwork and masonry can suffer from damage from a number of different causes including weather, subsidence and vehicle damage. This may mean that the masonry or brick work may need repairing to prevent the wall or building from incurring further damage, which could potentially make it unsafe.

Here at Tarling Construction we are experts in brickwork repairs and building maintenance. Our team of building work specialists can repair any wall or building damage at a competitive price.

More often we are asked to repair low level walls that have been damaged by cars scrapping along them or indeed on occasion when cars or vehicles have crashed through them.

We can match up the existing brickwork and replace sections of damaged walls with new identical bricks.

If you have a damaged wall that requires repairing or re-building, contact us for a no obligation quote that we think you will find very is a very competitive price.