Driveways & Paths

Driveways and paths are the first thing people notice when walking to the front door of a house, and a drive which doesn’t appear tidy and maintained can have a negative effect on the whole perception of a house. Constant use of driveways can cause the material to deteriorate and make your property appear aged, even if your house is in relatively good condition.

We can offer you an affordable block paved driveway which will significantly increase the overall appearance of your property. It will allow a sturdier basis for, not only your parked vehicle, but also for pedestrians, meaning increased safety and less chance of slipping or tripping over loose tarmac. At Tarling Construction, we can successfully block pave any driveway no matter what the width or length of the drive, and can complete the work at your convenience so your daily activities are not disrupted by our friendly block paving team.

We source all of our stone material from leading manufacturers, making us confident that we can provide you with a quality material to guarantee the quality finish that we produce in our block paving. Our team of block pavers have satisfied countless customers over the years with their expert techniques, and have fully mastered the art of successful block paving – which not only leaves you with a great looking drive or patio, but also leaves you with a lasting result which will leave you proud of your investment.

Did you know we can also maintain your driveway and paths?

After years of cars parking on them, driveways can start to look a little tired. Tarling Construction not only build great driveways but we can maintain them too.

If your driveway or path requires tidying up, masonry repairs, etc, then please contact us and we would be delighted to offer you a no obligation quotation to make a small repair or just general maintenance.