Dormer Loft Conversions


Loft Conversion with Dormer Windows

Maximising head height a dormer loft conversion creates a wonderful additional storey to a house.

Dormer Loft Conversion Experts

We are dormer extension experts and have installed hundreds as part of loft conversions throughout Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex area.

We can quickly assess your house for suitability and discuss with you your dormer ideas and perhaps add some suggestions too.

Bungalow Dormer

With vertical windows and more head height in the area of the dormer the room will have the space to move around easily, and the versatility to function as a bedroom, office or play room.

In 2008 new regulations were introduce which allow many more dormers to be built without Planning Permission. Which means you could add the large room more quickly and at less cost than before.

Adding Space and Value

At Tarling Construction we understand the need to create rooms that feel spacious and are intelligently designed to complement the existing house. This is why we always investigate a range of alternative ideas and materials with you before we submit a fixed price quotation.

Complete Service

At Tarling Construction we can take care of everything and we have all the necessary skills and experience to handle dormer conversions from start to finish. We assist your architect and structual engineer to gain permissions, coordinate the entire project using our qualified and highly skilled work force and carry out work quickly and efficiently to guaranteed standards and we minimise the disturbance and inconvenience to your home.

Our teams extend roofs and create dormer windows in many property types and many styles throughout the Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex counties.

Understanding the conversion process can be reassuring, so we can let you know what to expect, which is:

  • Permitted Development Rights Assessment
  • Velux Skylight window(s)
  • New floor structure
  • Fixed stairs and door
  • Timber frames
  • Lighting, power and heating
  • Insulation
  • Boarding and plastering
  • Building Control Certification

Permitted Development Rights Assessment

Regulation changes in 2008 allow most dormers under Permitted Development Rights, saving Planning Permission delays and costs. Because dormers require structural change to the roof there are specific but generous limits and conditions on (summary only):

  • Volume increase of 40 cubic metres for terraced, and 50 cubic metres for detached & semi-detached houses.
  • No dormer on the roof that fronts the highway
  • The roof height being raised.
  • The materials being in keeping with house and street
  • No verandas, balconies or raised platforms
  • Side-facing windows to be obscure-glazed and any opening to be 1.7 metres above the floor
  • Dormer extensions are set back, as far as practicable, at least 20cm from the eaves
  • Rights excluded in designated areas, i.e. National Parks, ANOB, conservation areas etc.

Velux Skylight Windows

Velux create many window styles and sizes, even modular systems that combine windows into a bank for an intriguing and exciting presentation.

We always provide professional advice on the best positioning of windows for natural light into the room. We can also design for stunning effects to enhance your room design such as those in our examples.

New Floor Structure

A strong, level floor is always required and installed so it has minimum impact on internal loft height.

Fixed Stairs and Door

Loft rooms need a fixed staircase and this needs to be well built. We always seek ways to minimise the impact of the stairs on the existing house and within the loft room. Our architectural surveyor will generally find and discuss with you the most space efficient method for installing a staircase into your existing house structure. This leaves more space within the loft and below.

Our surveyor will also measure your loft to ensure there is adequate head height from the stairs into the loft.

Fire regulations also require a fire door for safety. Adding a third storey to a house will require certain other key doors to be upgraded too.

Timber Frames

The key skill when converting a loft is joinery. Generally the existing rafters need more depth to accommodate insulation, knee walls are needed for storage and a door frame is required.

Velux conversions in Victorian terraced and semi detached houses often have a party wall and this needs a frame to hold insulation and boarding.

Lighting, Power and Heating

We will assess your existing power supply and central heating system for suitability, and how to connect the loft with least disruption.

Recessed down lights are a lighting typical system as they have minimal impact on head height, are controllable (dimmable) available in many styles are suitable for many bulb types. Lights and switches are also added to the stairwell.

We always discuss with clients the number and position of power sockets.


For comfort, economy and safety loft rooms are extremely well insulated. Deep insulation is positioned within the floor, walls and ceiling to keep cold and excessive heat out and warm air in. Building regulations specify insulation standards to be met.

Boarding and Plastering

Your loft must feel like a pleasant room to use and the quality of the finish depends on the accuracy of earlier structural work. Our professional plasterers add the finishing touches which make your loft look fabulous, professional and inspiring.


Final Building Control certification adds value to your home, but a bonus is that while the loft has added space, your rateable band will not change until you sell your house. Another great reason to move up, rather than out.


We have designed and built many highly desirable loft conversions. Each room is as unique as the requirements it need to fulfil and the roof space available to work in.

Our experience helps us design and plan the most suitable loft for you and your house and build it with one of our experienced and qualified team of trades people.

The price of our Velux loft conversions range from £23,000 for basic bedrooms to £55,000 for luxury master bedrooms to meet specific design and functional requirements.

Free Visit and Quote

From your initial inquiry, our consultant will visit to quickly determine the feasibility of your plans and your specific requirements will be discussed with you and advice given on the most suitable dormer for your property. Within 7 days you will receive a full specification and fixed price quotation for the work.

If you decide to proceed, we can even arrange for one of our prefered architectural surveyors to draw up draft plans

Upon your approval these are submitted to the Local Authority for Building Regulations Approval and, if necessary Planning Permission.

At Tarling Construction we pride ourselves on the quality of friendly service, installations and building solutions and we manage our teams efficiently to keep quotes competitive.