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What is a Trussed Roof?

Trussed rafters, used extensively since the 1940’s are designed to save wood and the technology works with modern roof tiles to allow roofs that lie flatter using fewer materials.

Seeing low, W-shaped trusses in your loft space need not make your heart sink, instead pick up your phone and call us to ask us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Free Initial Survey

We provide a free initial survey by our architectural surveyor and if we believe your loft can be converted, design plans and a fixed price quote valid for 30 days.

Altering Truss Rafters

If there is sufficient head height (approximately 2.5 metres head height) whether a detached, semi detached or terraced house you will not require Planning Permission and we can modify the trusses by inserting steel beams. There is no requirement to remove the existing roof.

Replacing Truss Rafters

Many building companies decline trussed loft conversions due to the added complexity; however we have considerable expertise and an established reputation for successful conversions, creating large exciting rooms with incredible versatility due to their size.

Because of their large floor area, truss conversions are ideal for creating a:

  • Master bedroom with full en-suite
  • Master bedroom en-suite with dressing room
  • Multiple bedrooms with shared bathroom
  • Home theatre room
  • Dormer living room with views over locale
  • Self contained apartment
  • Large home office

The process of conversion typically requires:

  • Survey, design and plans
  • Replacement roof structure
  • New floor structure
  • Dormer windows and/or Velux windows
  • Staircase and doors
  • Internal timber wall frames
  • Lighting, power, plumbing and heating
  • Insulation – floor, wall and ceiling
  • Boarding and plastering
  • Building Control Certification

Survey, Design and Plans

Having quickly assessed the potential of your loft, we will discuss your design ideas and contribute based on building principles and design experience. An initial first floor survey measures dimensions for the design plans and cost calculations which we send in the form of a no-obligation, fixed price quote, valid for 30 days.

Dormer and Velux Windows

The sheer size of most truss conversions means Velux windows suffice, however dormers are exciting and have advantages over skylights. More than character, vertical windows improve views, are cleaner and drier and form wider window units.

Velux roof skylights have many advantages too, available in many sizes and styles they can be positioned for maximum light, in banks as an interesting room feature, and can be positioned anywhere in the roof, even street facing roofs.

Our aim is to create your ideal room and we provide professional advice to help you select the optimum window positions for natural light, and views.

New Floor Structure

Truss conversions inevitably require the existing ceiling joists replacing with floor joists. These are laid to have minimal effect on interior loft height and they help cradle floor insulation. If new attic trusses are required, then these are designed to form part of the new floor system.

Staircase and Doors

Loft stairs are installed to rise from the lower landing, these are custom built to fit precisely and use space economically. Our architectural surveyor discusses your preferred positioning and design options and measures your loft to ensure they meet the required Regulations over height.

Fire safety regulations require a fire door on the stairs, either top or bottom, and adding a third storey will require upgrades to other key doors.

Internal Walls

Our qualified and experienced joiners expertly install the stairs, install the floor boards, and create frames within the new loft structure to hold insulation, partition the en suite, frame the door, and create the knee wall storage areas and many other smaller tasks.

Lighting, Power, Plumbing and Heating

When designing your loft room(s) with you, our architectural surveyor will discuss your requirement for lighting, power sockets, TV socket, radiator(s), and any en-suite facilities; and also check your existing systems have adequate capacity.

We generally recommend recessed down lights in lofts, as contemporary lighting they have minimal impact at head height, are controllable. Lights and switches are also added to the stairwell.

Loft Insulation

Building Regulations specify minimum insulation standards based on environmental objectives. Deep insulation in the floor, walls and ceiling provides thermal and acoustic insulation to ensure your loft is comfortable whatever the weather, economical to heat and has 30 minutes safety built in.

Boarding and Plastering

Your loft will be exciting to design and plan and inspiring and comfortable to live in. The finished room has a high quality finish borne of the skilled structural work undertaken beforehand. Our professional plasterers add the finishing touches to make your loft the place you imagined and a joy to use.


Completed truss conversions receive a Building Control Certificate from your Local Authority which states that the quality of materials and construction meets current Regulations. Planning Certification will confirms development is in line with all Permissions. These certificates ensure your loft is officially recognised and this adds value to your home. Until your house is sold your rateable value will not change, another reason for moving up, rather than out.

Tarling Construction Lofts

At Tarling Construction we have built many trussed roof loft conversions. Each is unique in its requirements however, our experience helps us design and plan the most suitable loft for you and your house and to build to the standards you expect. We are sure you will be delighted with our service.

The price of our trussed loft conversions start from £40,000. Large bedrooms with en-suites, dormer windows and multiple rooms are priced accordingly.

Complete Service

We have all the necessary skills and experience required to handle complex trussed roof projects from start to finish. We professionally coordinate the entire project and provide all the services you need ensuring the minimum of disruption to your home and our schedules. From concept ideas to design and planning permission and then installation we provide a complete service to the highest standards.

Free Consultation Visit

From your initial inquiry, our architectural surveyor will visit to quickly determine the feasibility of your plans. Within 7 days you will receive a full specification and fixed price quotation.

At Tarling Construction we pride ourselves on the quality of friendly service, installations and building solutions. We manage our skilled teams efficiently to keep the price of quotes extremely competitive.