Single Storey Extensions

Exciting, Extensions for Modern Lives

BuildingĀ fabulous, purpose designed extensions with modern materials and traditional or contemporary design ideas throughout East Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex.


Modernising existing homes is our passion. By developing and buildingĀ intelligent extension design ideas we add space and can often transform existing areas into modern better functioning rooms.

Extension Ideas

We are specialists in rethinking interiors so modern materials and systems are installed to enhance an extended space, be it a kitchen, dining area, garage, bedroom, office or TV room.

Whether you are looking to extend in the same style, or add a contemporary twist there are many ideas we bring to a building project. During design we take time to understand your unique requirements and the structure of your house and we only propose appropriate ideas possible within planning regulations and proven design technology.

For example, a kitchen extension can use Velux skylights overhead and large glass panelled sliding doors that fold to flood a room with light and provide unparalleled access to the garden.

Creating this open plan kitchen diner allowed the family to experience some meals around a breakfast bar kitchen island, which is more suited to modern living, especially in the morning.

Extension Plans

Creating the most suitable plan for your home is a process that puts our knowledge at your disposal. You can pick up ideas, discuss them with our architectural surveyor and accept or reject them as the design comes together.

With over fifteen years experience extending hundreds of house in different styles within Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex, we have a wealth of experience. This experience helps us to efficiently find the design you favour and we then provide you with a competitive, fixed price quote for this.

Planning Regulations often change and it has become easier to extend without Planning Permission, though plans are always required for Building Regulations Approval. This ensures the quality of the build and certification on inspection will add considerable value to your house.

Modern Innovative Solutions

Innovative solutions and modern materials are regularly introduced onto the market and we are well placed to evaluate these and can help you can choose the most appropriate.

Latest innovations are designed for:

  • Natural Light and new methods for increasing light into the home to brighten interiors
  • Open Plan living by removing interior walls and merging rooms for family space
  • Space Saving design to making rooms feel spacious and comfortable
  • Modernisation by selecting modern systems and materials to improve functionality
  • Contemporary Design with elements carefully introduced a home

Natural Light

When extending you open up great opportunities for increasing the amount of natural daylight into a room. Within the roof we can install the electrically operated skylight windows and blinds for complete controllability. Within existing walls we can identify opportunities to add feature windows and along the length of external walls we can install modern folding sliding doors that let you open up the room and access a garden patio on warm days.

Open Plan

To dramatically change how your family uses your home, open it up a little. Extending is an ideal opportunity to merge the new and existing rooms ny removing an existing wall to make your home more family friendly. A popular extensions style is to create a fabulous kitchens with adjoining area formed from an existing room. This large, family friendly space is available for dining and for children to play in.

Space Saving

Innovative design ideas often improve the use of space. For example, a kitchen island can combine a breakfast bar and cooking appliances yet fit into modern contained wall units. Many kitchen features can be recessed and their service elements hidden away.


Modern solutions combine the latest materials, design and technology. Very popular are vertical radiators which free wall space, hide pipes and give improved heat performance.

The range of modern storage solutions is almost endless and we can help you plan with a distinct interior style in mind.

Appliances can be upgraded too to take advantage of the best performing and most efficient models.

Contemporary or Traditional Design

Finding the design and plan that works best for you can be a little overwhelming as there is such a range to select from.

Our experience with many manufacturers helps us guide you through and integrate decisions on equipping a new room, such as the choice of flooring, appliances and materials, lighting, heating, ventilation and colour scheme.